Hi! I am Kuat.

Software Engineer
Arrow Stomper
Food Enthusiast

01. Introduction

I'm Kuat - a software engineer from Bandung, Indonesia, living in Aachen, Germany. I'm a very passionate programmer and always having a big curiosity for new technologies.

I'm currently working for BetterMobility as full stack developer developing MobilityBroker; a white label, all-in-one mobility solution app.

If I'm not working, you'll find me code for fun, trying some recipes in my kitchen or stomping some arrows in a game called DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).

This Guy

An idea maker, a visionary,
a creative genius.

This Guy

A deep thinker,
problem-solver analyst.

This Guy

Will try to make you laugh
with his cringy jokes.

More Content Coming!

This site is still in progress and far from done. I will finish it as soon as I can (if I'm not lazy, LOL).